Anti-Aging Kiwi & Vitamin E Gel Face Mask. 8 Oz

Moisturizes & Rejuvenates for a Vibrant Complexion. Vegan

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★ Kiwi fruit extract is high in vitamin C and E, both extreme antioxidants with aid in the battle against dark spots from sun damage and aging. 

★ Vitamin E protects cells and inactivates free radicals, preventing further damage to your skin. 

★ Collagen provides strength and resilience to facial muscles and tissue, with age the collagen levels in our bodies slowly decreases resulting in wrinkles and lines on our faces. 

★ Vitamin E & C are essential in repairing tissue and replenishing collagen levels, improving our skins elasticity and delay the aging process. 

★ Spirulina is a protein-rich Algae which grows in fresh and salt water. High in nutrients, amino acids and vitamin A, 

★ Spirulina has been found to be highly efficient in improving skin elasticity and overall health, resulting in healthy young looking skin.

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