Warranty or Return

Returning Products


Please refer to the following to understand what is Aooty's return policy, we will do our best to assist you.

I. Return without reason
If the goods you purchased are still in the original condition at the time of purchase and meet the conditions of the second sale, you can return the purchased goods through the original purchase channel for any reason or no reason within 7 days (including 7 days) from the date of delivery. Except for defective products, returns beyond 7 days will not be accepted.

Items that can be returned/refunded or exchanged within 7 days of receiving the items must follow  three criteria as below:

• The product is in good condition. That is, the surface of the product has no scratches, no abrasion (break), no bumps, no use, no disassembly, etc.; the product can maintain the original quality and function;
• The outer packaging of the product is complete;
• If the product is equipped with accessories or accessories, the relevant accessories and/or accessories should be complete.

Note: in this situation, we will not be responsible for the return shipping cost.

Ii. Return of defective products
If you think the product is defective, you can choose to return it. The premise is that the goods to be returned meet the following return requirements:

•  For non-electrical products, if quality problems are not caused by humans within 7 days from the date of receipt, please contact customer service to return the goods. Aooty will not be able to accept returns for quality problems beyond 7 days.
• The product contains electronic components (such as motors, batteries, chargers, etc.). Quality problems caused by non-human causes within 30 days from the date of receipts, such as machine operation failure, inability to charge, damage to accessories, and other obvious and serious defects, and If there are apparent defects such as obvious damage, please contact customer service for return. Product returns beyond 30 days will not be accepted by Aooty.

If the returned goods do not meet the above return requirements, our company has the right to refuse to accept the return application, and the consumer shall bear the relevant freight.

Iii. replacement policy reminder
Aooty does not support exchanges, only returns.

Iv. other circumstances where no return is allowed

•  Damage caused by consumers' disassembly or repair, or other man-made damage;
•  Personal items (such as cosmetics, ear cleaning products, eyebrow repair tools, some auxiliary tools, etc.) have been used;
•  If the product is damaged due to improper use;


Return address

Please always Contact Us prior to returning the items by submitting a ticket to obtain a Product Return Form with the related returns address. The return address will be provided via email after you request a replacement or replacement on the return form. Please remember to obtain & keep the proof of postage receipt and your tracking number.

Please DON'T returns your package to any address indicated on the shipping label of the package received, we cannot be held responsible if packages are returned to the wrong address.

Processing The Refund

If you have chosen a refund for your returned product, we will process the calculated refund within fourteen (7) days of receiving your returned goods provided that you have returned the goods to us in their original condition at our distribution center within 7 working days from delivery to you or you notifying us of cancellation. You will receive email notification of your refund from our Customer Service Team.

If you have requested an exchange or replacement on your Return note, this will be processed within 1 day. 7 working days of receiving your returned goods and we will arrange a refund.

However, please understand that no refund will be issued in this situation.  Details for customer's personal reason:

* Wrong address/no consignee
* Invalid contact information/ no answer to the delivery calls & emails
* Customer refuses to accept package/pay tax fee/ complete customs clearance
* Didn't collect package by the deadline
*We cannot accept liability for returned goods lost in transit



Special Notes:
1. During the return shipping, the customer is responsible for any and all customs charges, duties, or tariffs during the items return to our warehouse. In these cases, we will deduct the customs fees from your authorized refund amount.
2. Aooty will by default resend the item to the customer via Flat Rate Shipping. If the customer wants to utilize a faster shipping method, the relevant shipping fee is applicable.
3. In case of any misuse, any and all repairs, accessories, and shipping fees, both ways, are fully the customer's responsibility and are at their own expense.



10 Year Quality Guarantee

You may claim 50% off your next online order from our webshop under our 10-Year Quality Guarantee (limited for one-time use only but can be applied up to 5 items in a single order) if:
• A defect occurs with your Aooty device after the initial 24-month period but within the period of the 10-Year Quality Guarantee.
• A defect occurs with your Aooty device during the initial 24-month period, but the device was not purchased from Aooty.com and you are unable to provide the original purchase receipt for any reason.

Before returning the defective product, please first obtain pre-authorization by logging in to your Aooty account and making a claim, selecting the option for the 10-Year Quality Guarantee.




2 Years Limited Warranty


Claims under warranty must be supported by reasonable evidence that the date of the claim is within the warranty period. Any free repair needs to be confirmed with the manufacturer via Customer Service. Items should be returned at the customer's cost, while Aooty will pay for the shipping fee of sending the repaired item to the customer.


All the artificial factors cause the damage of the item is beyond the warranty, however, customers can return it at their own cost and pay a fee for the repair.


Warranty Exemptions and Notes

1. Natural product degradation through wear and tear, along with breakage/damage during use, is solely the customer's responsibility and is not covered by our warranties.

2. If the customer has damaged/misused the item(s), the product's warranty is immediately rendered void. No compensation is available in such cases. However, customers are welcome to contact us to purchase a replacement or spare parts (if applicable). We will charge the original value of the components and a shipping fee to dispatch them.


The following are excluded from our warranty coverage:


   • Damage resulting from misuse or abuse

   • Damage resulting from chemical spills, fire, or other harmful substances

   • Damage resulting from the natural disaster

   • Lost or stolen products



Supplementary conditions for sales outside of Asia


From 1st January 2019, you will be asked to pay an additional fee in case you want to claim your 2 – years free warranty in China for products that are bought outside of Asia. The additional fee is 25% RMB price of the product on Aooty.com due to after-sales service.

* Additional fee will be based on full price even in case of purchase discount on Aooty.com.
* Asia, as a region, refers to Aooty Asia countries and Aooty Asia distribution channels(China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and Thailand).



Register Warranty


To activate your 2-Year Limited Warranty and 10-Year Quality Guarantee, register the number provided on the Aooty Authenticity Card under the REGISTER PRODUCT section in your Aooty account.



LAST UPDATED 08/19/2020