At Aooty we believe it’s not just about looking good, but about feeling great! You deserve high-quality beauty tools that bring a sense of empowerment and confidence - and that’s just what we offer! 

But we noticed a problem with today’s range of beauty products... Most are overpriced and don’t always live up to their expectations. Yes, we too are everyday women just like you who have spent countless dollars and hours of research trying to find THE product that brings a solution to our beauty woes. We're tired of wasting money and investing in products that simply don't work.

We focus on launching innovate and affordable new products frequently showing the passion and skills of our experienced teams in a very fast moving beauty world. We stock one of the widest range of beauty products available and are constantly developing and evaluating new products.

That’s where we step in – We created Aooty so that we could have total control of the production process, so we can focus on developing amazing beauty products that do what they promise and more. By taking the direct-to-consumer approach, we are able to cut cost without sacrificing quality.

Our mission is simple. We want to bring you premium beauty products at bargain prices. We strive to provide beauty products that bring a sense of empowerment and confidence to everyone who uses them.

Our goal? To bring out the happiest and healthiest YOU! We believe that when you look and feel beautiful, you can do beautiful things.

Say hello or simply drop us a line via our 24-hour online chat system!

Lots of love,